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One of the advantages of marinas as compared to stationary bridges is that they are capable of following the water up and down. However, the bridges must be properly fastened in the horizontal direction. For the anchoring of a bridge concrete anchor, fastening balks or fastening struts may be used. 

Concrete anchors

The fastening of bridges and anchoring buoys by means of concrete anchors and chains is the most commonly used way of anchoring. Proper installation of concrete anchors with self-anchoring capacity is easy and safe and ensures sufficient movement for the bridge. If concrete anchors are used, they require sufficient depth (at least 1m). 
The armoured concrete of the anchors and the mooring rings are seawater and heavy impact resistant. The size and amount of anchors is chosen depending on the size of the bridge and the type of earth. The anchoring power can be increased, by adding intermediate weights. The length of the fastening chain of the anchor is five times as deep as the water. Intermediate weight is placed in the middle of the chain.

Fastening balks  

Fastening balks are used where the water is not deep and the fastening of the bridge runs parallel to the shore. It is a very safe type of fastening. The disadvantage of fastening balks is that they move out of place when the water freezes.


Fastening struts


Fastening struts are used where the fastening of the bridge runs parallel to the shore.


Fastening struts are made according to an individual design.

Technical information:

Intermediate weight(kg)                                                    

Width x lenght x height(mm)


Mooring ring/
Fastening chain(mm) 


Where can be used
50 kg intermediate weight400x400x17513As an intermediate weight on a boat landing
200 kg intermediet weight600x600x31013As an intermediate weight on a dock
500 kg anchor900x900x27016/13...16As an anchor on a swim bridge, boat landing and on a 40l or 60l boat buoy
1000 kg anchor1000x1200x3602x18/16As an anchor on a boat landing, dock and on a 60l or 120l boat buoy
2000 kg  anchor1200x2000x362x22/16...20As an anchor on a dock and on a 120l boat bouy